“Dance theatre with enormous dramatic flair – zany, unusual brimming with odd and bizarre ideas. Sondagoggendsuurlemoentee could just as well have been an earthy drama by Reza de Wet. Her metaphorical language is humoristic and extremely strange, extremely Afrikaans. Coetzer is an asset”- Schalk Schoombie, Die Beeld

“…Darkroom Contemporary has found a way to transform contemporary dance into an experience that captures the zeitgeist of the times.” – David Fick, Broadway World

“Coetzer understands the requirements of choreography, group dynamics, characterization and focus, how to use good music in surprising juxtapositions with content and movement and how to comment in an entertaining way on society. She is a big talent. “ - Schalk Schoombie, Die Beeld

“Sure enough, Blueprint, a World Design Capital project, portrays the talented masterminds of Darkroom Contemporary’s vision both aesthetically and intellectually.” - Angeliki Theodorou, WhatsoninCapeTown

“The most artistically interesting and mature work in my opinion is ‘Challenges’ by Louise Coetzer. It is a contemporary work that manages to be choreographically intricate and dynamic while at the same time utilizing the technical ability of the talented young dancers. These dancers perform with such maturity and commitment, and in some cases with such a captivating stage presence that I genuinely look forward to seeing them in professional companies in future. “ - Shirley-Anne Bezuidenhout ,WhatsoninCapeTown

“A thoroughly entertaining and thought provoking collaboration between extremely talented artists whose passion shine through what they do best. “ – Lauren Smit, Orms Direct

“I was pleased to see Dance For All performing ‘These Shadows’ again with much more refinement and musicality. The improvement in the dancers’ clarity and sharpness brings out the choreography’s nuances and ingenuity, while their shownmanship and athleticism enhance the dynamics, engaging the audience through the shifting patterns and phases of this captivating work by Louise Coetzer.” – Shirley-Anne Bezuidenhout, WhatsoninCapeTown

“…the show is never less than completely engaging.” - David Fick, Broadway World