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ULTRA exposes the physicality of extremes. The performance transcends beyond its own range of limits, seeking to balance the tension between extreme and moderate. The work echoes our current climate of extremist, reactionary colliding, and tests to what degree the moderate and the revolutionary can co-exist.


This full length performance work features a new, original score by music artist Brydon Bolton.




Choreography: Louise Coetzer

Performed by Darkroom Contemporary: Mukovhe Monyai, Christopher Sherwood- Adcock, Gabrielle Fairhead

Original score by Brydon Bolton

Visuals by Oscar O'Ryan & Keshet Karidi 

Technical Co-Ordinator: Oscar O’Ryan 

Stage Manager: Buntu Tyali 

FLASH LIGHT WARNING: This performance uses audiovisual effects & flashing lights that may be disruptive to photosensitive viewers.

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