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blame it on the algorithm

A whimsical look at modern (mis)communication, blame it on the algorithm questions to what extent technology aids connection, to what extent it disconnects us from ourselves and each other, and how much of what we mean to communicate, gets lost in translation.


 The work expresses the dividing lines formed by our rapidly expediting dependance on technology, the resulting work a physical display of a digital agitation.

Choreographed by Louise Coetzer, blame it on the algorithm is created in collaboration with sound artist Brydon Bolton and performed by Darkroom Contemporary Dance Theatre. 


A duet of missed, caught, and misunderstood dialogue; blame it on the algorithm voices what is to be found - or lost - in translation. Brydon Bolton’s score, performed live by a symphony of three dot- matrix printers, amplifies this digital agitation and misunderstood dialogue.


Concept, Choreography, Creative Direction: Louise Coetzer

Sound score: Brydon Bolton

Technical co-ordinator: Oscar O’Ryan

Performed by Darkroom Contemporary

Dancers: Farnel Smart, Christopher Sherwood- Adcock, Mukovhe Monyai

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