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s h i f t i n g s a n d s //\\ s a n d s h i f t i n g is a video work drawing connection points between our frequently changing realities, the grasping for ritual in a search for familiarity, and a mirroring of time creeping onwards during this current collective moment of pause.


Though it may seem that life as we know it has paused, time has not stopped. The tension between a need for the familiarity of routine, against a slow moving suspended reality, underlines the pace of the work. 


Mirroring is used to illustrate two parallel realities, with dance & film as language. Within each landscape, the character’s deliberate & repetitive actions mirror an attempt at hanging on to normality, against a constantly shifting landscape. 


In this current moment, many have been grappling with the feeling that the ‘rug has been pulled out from under' them, their world ‘turned upside down’. This seems an accurate description of the past months - the feeling that the ground is shifting underneath our feet, a reality constantly changing, unpredictable. This imagery was a starting point to inspiring s h i f t i n g s a n d s //\\ s a n d s s h i f t i n g, a visual response to this feeling.

Project Credits:

Concept, Choreography and Direction by Louise Coetzer

Videography & Edit by Oscar O’Ryan

Performed by Darkroom Contemporary

Dancers: Farnel Smart, Bronwyn Craddock, Tania Mteto, Emily Isted

Music by Franco Prinsloo

Second Camera: Duane Howard

Camera Assistants: Marcel Maassen & John James Buttress

Colorist: Brett Rayner

Hair & Make Up: Kelly Taylor

Production Assistant: Julio Jantjies

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