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In C

In C recreates Terry Riley’s landmark composition through sound and motion. Iconic of early minimalist music, Riley’s In C has endless possibilities to be reimagined as the orchestra plays its way through 53 musical patterns. Its intertwining rhythms and constantly evolving polyrhythms are simultaneously exhilarating and evanescent, its outcome individual to each performance.


Bringing this seminal work firmly into the 21st century, music duo Without Eyes adapts and performs In C for two laptops, employing electronic sound to replace traditional orchestral instruments. The movement design takes its cue from the composition’s 53 phrases as they pass through, catch up and occasionally find a meeting point, focusing on these fleeting moments of connect and disconnect.


Even though In C appears fixed, the decisions, responses, and interplay between the musicians and dancers shapes its outcome, making each performance unique. 


Project Credits: 

Concept, Choreography: Louise Coetzer

Performed by Darkroom Contemporary:

Kristin Wilson, Mbulelo Ngubombini, Joy Millar, Bathembu Myira, Danielle Wagner

Music:In C for two laptops by Without Eyes ( Dean Henning & Mark van Niekerk)

Original composition In C by Terry Riley (1964)

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