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Clone hints at the contrasting dualities present within one being. The complex elements of the human psyche - the ego, the id and the superego - shape competing patterns of light & shade, power & weakness, tension and release, reality and fantasy. 


Choreographed by Louise Coetzer, Clone features an original musical score by Brydon Bolton, for solo double bass and computer generated sound. This interactive performance work enables motion sensors to read cues from the dancers’ movements, triggering sound events which compose a unique sound score to each performance, in real time. 


Clone is an immersive installation performance, that leads its audience through a physical exploration of the subconscious - seeking to connect the inner workings of the mind to the palpable realm. The work attempts at archiving of the unseen, comparing the intricate codes that make our modern world tick, to the complex inner workings of the human psyche. 


Clone premiered in March 2018, at William Kentridge’s interdisciplinary arts centre The Centre for the Less Good Idea in Johannesburg, South Africa. 


The work was then re-staged as part of Darkroom Contemporary’s 2018 performance seasons in Cape Town at Magnet Theatre and Youngblood Gallery.


Concept & Choreography by Louise Coetzer

Original Score & Interactive Design by Brydon Bolton

Performed by Lewellyn Afrika, Joy Millar, Lee Kotze, Cilna Katzke, Kayla Schultze

Set Design: Heath Nash

Costume by Henri Design

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