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WRPD attempts at exaggerating the distorted visual effects of dome projection. This dance film uses movement to trace distortions of the physical form, placed against a surreal landscape. It is a visual exploration of reflection, refraction, duplication and deflection. 


The concept plays with perceptions  ‘from below looking up’ versus ‘ from above looking down’, while the dancer’s movements are designed to reflect this through duplication. By representing the human body through these multiplying frames, we assemble a strange, kaleidoscopic collage of the physical form. 


The resulting layers form a depiction of the human form as fragmented, architectural, juxtaposed… alien to its natural landscape. 


Concept & Choreography by Louise Coetzer

Original Score by Matthijs van Dijk

Performed by Tania Mteto, Farnel Smart

Video Installation & Technical Set Up by Oscar O'Ryan

Costume by Henri Design

Screenshot 2020-04-19 at 12.23.09.png
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